Abdominal and Colonic Massage

Abdominal and Colonic Massage – £45 (1 hr)

Abdominal and Colonic Massage is an external, non-invasive massage to treat the colon and associated abdominal organs of digestion.

The massage seeks to restore the whole digestive system to its pre-stressed state, by relaxing all the muscles involved and getting them working efficiently. The massage will reduce the tension in the fascia surrounding all the vital organs and by using traditional acupressure and western deep tissue massage techniques; the results are excellent.

Before your Massage you will be asked to complete a questionnaire outlining a brief medical history, a few questions to ensure that deep abdominal massage is right for you and what you are looking to achieve from the treatment.

During the treatment your therapist will use a range of massage and holding techniques to work the different abdominal fascia and connective tissues. You will also receive specialised back massage to gently work the tissues behind the abdominal organs.

You will get maximum benefit from the treatment if you drink plenty of water and eat good, healthy and wholesome foods in the 24 hours prior to your appointment, particularly avoiding alcohol and fatty and processed foods. After your treatment it is advised that you avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours and continue to drinks 1.5 – 2 litres of water per day and try and maintain a healthy diet.

Abdominal / Colon Massage is not advisable for anyone who has had abdominal surgery in the past 12 weeks, anyone who is pregnant or anyone suffering with chronic medical conditions. Please always check with your Doctor if in doubt.

Common symptoms that people come for abdominal / colon massage for:

  • Relief from pain from constipation and trapped gas
  • Relief from retained abdominal fluid
  • Better overall metabolic function
  • Better upper respiratory function through breathing and fascial release
  • Improved systemic circulation