What Makes Bowen Different From Other Therapies

Bowen differs in several respects. Osteopaths and Chiropractors often use adjustments or ‘cracks’ to realign the structure of the body. They will make a diagnosis of the patient and treat the area of concern.  With Bowen therapy the approach is rather different. The therapist will take a case history but the treatment does not set out to treat specific conditions or ailments. Instead, the body is treated as a whole unit, without referral to a named condition.

Rather than concentrating solely on the site of the pain, Bowen looks for the cause, which may well be in a completely different part of the body, depending on the body’s muscle overlap and skeletal system

Bowens main emphasis is on restoring the structural and functional integrity of the body,  by treating ‘strained’ parts of the body, particularly muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments and joints.  When all these parts are working normally the body is considered to be working in an efficient and balanced manner, reducing the risk of experiencing pain and wear and tear.

When one or more parts are working less efficiently, e.g. because of injury or disease, the body as a whole is required to compensate, placing additional stress on all the systems. Left untreated, even mild injuries can contribute to problems elsewhere in the body.  .

As Bowen Therapists we NEVER:

a) Treat specific conditions – we treat the whole body

b) Make claims to be able to cure any condition

c) Prescribe or alter medication

d) Diagnose